"The Pendulum"

"The Pendulum" is a work of fiction set in the world of classical music in the early 2000s, written in the form of the diary of Ina, a young woman who becomes assistant to one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century. After the violent death of the violinists impresario, Ina takes over his production company in Monaco and goes on to produce classical music concerts.
Pages: 127
Publisher: Mondial M OOD, Sofia, Bulgaria
ISBN: 978-954-8852-14-2
Price: 2 EUR
You will be able to download a PDF edition of "The Pendulum" in Bulgarian immediately after paying it.

"Passing by"

The lyrical prose poem "Passing by", published in 1997 in Bulgarian, in 1998 in English and in 2000 in German, raises the question of cultural identity in the todays world of motion, uprooting, melting of cultures, and multicultural identity.

You will be able to buy the book in German on the following Internet sites:
The book is also available in the National libraries of Austria and Bulgaria.

"Everything Will be Alright"

The novel "Everything Will be Alright" was published in 1991 in Yugoslavia and in Bulgaria, where it became a best seller. It describes the fictitious justice and pseudo humanism of the totalitarian society under Communism.

The book is available in the National libraries of Bulgaria and Croatia.